one and twenty years of age
The name's Jenny
Most posts are lots of reblogs of other peoples art and photos. sometimes fandom things likePercy Jackson or HTTYD

Dare, Win, or Disappear
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Eliot Spencer

the man who taught both Parker and Sophie how to defend themselves better

the man who let a classroom of little girls take him down to the mats

the man who’s fucking proud of them when they put that knowledge to use

Eliot never belittles women or feminine things because he respects women and sees nothing wrong or lesser about femininity

and he can kill you with an appetizer 

I’m so tired but oh so glad I don’t have class tomorrow

when I’m spacing out for half the class and then awkwardly tripping over myself on the walk home I think I definitely need a day to myself.

which means spending the day working on homework


im funnier online where I can’t stutter